Who Are We?

Simplexity is a Canterbury owned and operated company. We have provided expert Building Surveyors, Consultants and Project Managers to assist a number of leading PMO and Insurance companies.



What Have We Done?

  • Provided over 8,000 Building Inspection Reports for earthquake damage claims.
  • Managed main contractors for more than 1,600 earthquake damaged properties for an estimated cost of $40,000,000.
  • Managed the rapid repair of over 1,000 properties requiring immediate make-safe or make-warm requirements after the Canterbury earthquakes.
  • Provided experienced building consultants to accompany both the Insurer and EQC, to assist with settling more than 1,000 claims in dispute.

Simplexity now benefits from these key personnel with extensive experience in Surveying, Inspecting, Project Managing, and Auditing.



Why Use Simplexity?

To answer this, ask yourself the following questions;

  • Do I feel that the scope of works from EQC or my Insurer is correct? Are they in line with my individual policy or the EQC Act?
  • Do I feel that the suggested repair strategy from EQC or my Insurer is correct and in line with my individual policy or the EQC Act?
  • Do I feel that the costing or settlement offer from EQC or my Insurer is correct and in line with my individual policy or the EQC Act?
  • Do I feel that previous engineering reports provide recommendations that is in line with my individual policy or the EQC Act?
  • Are these aspects in line with with my individual policy of the EQC Act?

If you answered No to any of those questions then you likely require a preliminary inspection, and Simplexity can most likely assist you immediately.

You might ask, “Why do I need another inspection?” or, “Can I not just use an engineer?”.

Simplexity provides a comprehensive Building Report and Repair Strategy that is tailored to your individual policy wording.

Let’s explore how this works.



The Surveying Process

Simplexity book in a Preliminary Inspection of your property. (This can be arranged

immediately by filling out one of the booking forms supplied).

From this initial inspection the following will be ascertained:

  • The general extent of damage to the property and dwellings, zip level and wall verticality survey will be undertaken.
  • The likely direction of your claim based on your policy wording
  • An indication of any other professionals required to assist you with your claim

Simplexity will then provide a comprehensive Building Report and Repair Strategy based on the following:

  • Your individual Insurance policy or the EQC Act
  • The subsequent findings of other engaged professionals.
  • Full review of all supplied Insurance or EQC documents and reference made within the report.
  • Simplexity’s own onsite inspection and findings.

This BRRS would then be reviewed by an engineer to determine the structural implications of the damage and repair strategy suggested.


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